The Benefits to Opening Your Pool Early

Special Guest Post from Matthew Giovanisci,

Every week you hear from me about various topics that somehow relate to commercial aquatics facilities. This week, you are in for a very special treat: Matt Giovanisci, president of, has written a guest posting for my readers! Now, this is phrased in a language directed at residential pool owners, but it is entirely applicable to your facility as well. If you own or operate an outdoor swimming pool, Matt's tips are a very important read for you. Just replace "you" with "your customers" and it will all make perfect sense. So without further ado...I present you with:

The Benefits To Opening Your Pool Early
It's already April, and for some of us here in the northeast, it's STILL cold! It's hard to think about opening up your swimming pool when it's so frigid out. The truth is, it's probably one of the best things you can do for your swimming pool and even your wallet. Not to mention that having your swimming pool open before everyone else, gives you the advantage of beating the rush at the stores.

Also, having it opened and crystal clear before all the major summer holidays, is definitely a major bonus. These are several good reasons why opening up your pool early is actually a great idea, and can even save you some cold hard cash.

Early Bird Specials
A lot of pool companies like to get an early start on the swimming pool season; I mean, it's how their whole business thrives. They tend to entice their customers to come in early to save on pool chemicals by offering discounts and coupons. Make sure you hunt for these deals. Look in the local newspapers or coupon magazines, as most
swimming pool dealers tend to advertise there.

When buying pool chemicals and supplies, make sure you stock up. Since you are getting the best price early in the season, it's worth buying in bulk so that you're not spending more money later. The chemicals won't go bad on you within the season; so don't be afraid of that.

Protect Yourself Against Algae Growth
Algae loves warm water. It can grow in cold water, but it REALLY grows fast in warmer water. Algae also loves the dark. So think about this: if it's May and the water is like bath water and you still have the cover on, you are creating... an incubator for algae! Chances are, when you open the pool in late May or early June, you're going to have a major algae problem on your hands; especially if you closed it early or you own a mesh safety cover.

Just because opening your swimming pool early has some money saving and pool care
benefits, what we sometimes forget is that pools are actually fun! Having your pool open before everyone else you know, will make everyone envious of you. Perhaps that's not a good thing, but at least while their struggling to open their pool during Memorial day with the rest of the crowds, you'll be relaxing on a float in the middle of your pool (I assume).

Just think, you won't be standing in line the weekend before, or even Memorial day weekend, waiting to get your water tested because your pool looks like the black lagoon. You won't be paying full price for all your pool chemicals and running around to different stores because they've sold out of pool shock. Trust me, the pool season can be a hectic time. Not only for the pool owners, but for the pool stores as well. It's best to get all your pool shopping done early and enjoy that swimming pool for as long as you can. Isn't that the reason you bought a swimming pool in the first place?
Matthew Giovanisci

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