Creating New Pool Packages - What should be in them?
by Monique Nelson on March 22nd, 2012

The business of being a pool builder isn't just about putting a pool in the ground and collecting a paycheck.

I'm not even going to pretend I have a clue about the engineering and actual building process - that is so over my head and better left to the professionals.

Even before that stage of the planning process begins though, pre-design preliminary work needs to be accomplished to make sure that every one of your customers is getting exactly what they need to give you a glowing review that will last a lifetime.

The items you include in your new pool packages can mean the difference between a satisfied customers, and an ecstatic, "tell it on the mountains" customer. Which would you prefer - a business that is ok, or a business that is AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC!?

Assuming you chose the later, lets consider what aspects might make the difference. 

First time pool owners will have very little real idea of what owning a pool really means. They will know that they take some work - chemicals need to be added, a pool boy should skim the top with a net every now and then, etc. But they won't have any working expereince with the realities: pools take a lot of money and energy to keep them warm, clean and enjoyable. 

If you can paint a picture for your new customers of the real work that will go into owning a pool, you wll be setting the stage for your pool package. Once they understand what it takes, they will be wholly willing to include all sorts of items that will save them money and time. If it is included in your package, it will be an easy decision to make, and it will bump up your bottom line. 

Some products that you may want to consider will include a heat source (heater, heat pump, solar system), a pool fence (safety first!), a season's worth of chemicals and test strips and other balancing products, an automatic pool cleaner, and - most importantly - a liquid solar pool cover

You will have to decide which products are best for your customers, but if you choose products you have expereince with and that you believe in, your enthusiasm and confidence will rub off on the new pool owners and they will trust you.

A liquid pool cover really shouldn't be optional. It should be mandatory. There are only two other options - shorter seasons with potentially cold water or a plastic pool cover that has to be put on and taken off and reeled up and, and, and. The obvious choice will be a pool cover that will keep the water temperature appealing by reducing overnight heat loss, keeping the water in the pool by conserving evaporation, and saving money in their pockets by keeping their heating bills as low as possible. A Heatsavr Kit fits really nicely into any new pool package. 

Ultimately, if you share stories about Suzy down the road who spends $3000 a month on her heating bills, and your new pool owners, spend half that because of your priceless advice, they will be ecstatic. You may also want to consider adding a service package to your deal, so keep the pool in pristine shape, or recommending a service company that you respect.

All the little details that will help your customers in the long-run, all the little things they have no idea they will need, if you can help them with it immediately, they will have a pool that they are so giddy about, they will be recommending your business to everyone who spends a moment talking to them.

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