Is Your Retail Store Ready for an Early Summer?
by Monique Nelson on March 22nd, 2012

In the pool industry, the most beautiful sentiment can be the interaction between a family - a child, looking up at his dad with pleading eyes, begging him to open up the pool - its warm enough to swim now!

Even though it is only March - MARCH!!! - I know this is happening! I have had people call in and tell me so! Usually at this time of year everywhere outside of the southern sunbelt in the US is sighing, waiting for the sun to come back from extended vacation.

This year it is warm, and surprisingly sunny, signalling an early pool opening season.

Usually, this is the time of year where most retailers are leisurely planning their season - getting training on new products, creating a fun new floor plan, stocking their shelves, etc. This year, the planning portion of the season has been cut short for many.

You may already be swamped! I've had reps call in and tell us that their regular training sessions keep getting pushed back because there are too many customers!

Music to your ears? I should think so!

While an unexpected early rush may mean slightly less training at the onset of the season, it is undeniably wonderful. We really were due for a nice, early (and lets hope LONG) season, don't you think? We really were due for a nice, early (and lets hope LONG) season, don't you think?

If you are dealing with customers and haven't had a chance to stock up on your eduction and training, I would encourage you to peruse our resouces for some down-time reading. They will help get you up to date with all the new and exciting liquid pool cover information. Our "Media" page lists all the literature, guides, videos and much more that is at your disposal and will be perfect for quick bursts of training.

If you were waiting for the last minute to stock up your inventory, that minute has come. Make sure you make a stop by your favorite distributor soon because, if they haven't arrived yet, the crowds will be at your doors soon!

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