Pool Pump Timers: Make Your Pool More Eco-Friendly

I am very excited to share a guest post with you today. Coming to you from Blue Haven, Oklahoma City, please enjoy the following article which is full of great ways to make your swimming pool more eco-friendly using simple solutions like pool pump timers!

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Pool Pump Timers: Make Your Pool More Eco-Friendly

One aspect of pool maintenance you probably loathe is running your pool pump. The good news is that you can cut down on the environmental impact of your pool pump by cutting out the unnecessary running time with a good pool pump timer. If your pool is fairly new, your installer probably tried to sell you on a fancy pool pump timer system that hardwired into your normal pump system. If you were able to overcome the salesman’s pressure or a pool pump timer did not come standard, you can easily find one for $10 or so at your local hardware store.

Here are some reasons why your pool needs a pool pump timer:

Pool Pump Timers Reduce Algae

Your new pool pump timer can also be set to circulate your pool water through the filter every few hours which will result in allowing less time for algae to accumulate. Algae tends to grow best in water that doesn’t circulate very much, so reducing the amount of time between pump circulations can help cut down on those expensive algae treatments. These usually harsh treatments can sometimes irritate your skin, and they can also pollute the environment.

Pool Pump Timers Create Energy Savings

Probably most obvious reason you need a pool pump timer is the energy savings you’ll see during the months you operate your pool. You’re human, and humans forget things. Your pool pump timer will always remember to turn your pump off right on schedule, so you never have to worry about accidentally running all day!

Many people don’t realize that electric companies often give their customers a discounted rate on electricity during the off-peak hours (usually from 10pm-6am). If you don’t have a pool pump timer, you have to remember to turn your pump on and off during these odd hours or run the risk of using the more expensive peak-hours electricity. Your pool pump timer will manage this timetable for you, and you can save on your electric bill AND clean your pool while you sleep!

Pool Pump Timers Allow Use of Fewer Chemicals

You probably realize that water evaporates from your pool, just as it does a pond or lake or any other body of water, but you may not realize that your expensive pool chemicals and treatments can evaporate right along with it. To add to that, constantly circulating these chemicals (like while running your pump unnecessarily) allows more of them to evaporate.

If you utilize a pool pump timer, you can set your pool pump to run on whatever schedule at whatever intervals you want, which not only saves you money on electricity and algae treatments, but it also saves you money on your other chemicals, too. With a smaller amount of these chemicals evaporating, you have don’t have to use as much as often, which also cuts down on the packaging waste involved in buying new supplies more often. These caustic chemicals can damage the ozone layer, so reducing the evaporation of them can help prevent this extra damage.

Remember, these are just a few of the many benefits of installing a pool pump timer. Many of the pools Oklahoma City contractors install come standard with pool pump timers, but you can get these same environmental benefits no matter where you live or when your pool was built.

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