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by Monique Nelson on April 26th, 2012

Aqua Magazine released their 2012 "State of the Industry" Report in their May issue. The Retail  segment of the pool industry is apparently on the rebound - for real this time!. Rebounds can be dangerous if you aren't careful though, so please don't get out of control wild, but please DO start planning for a bright future!.

With this mindset, it is a great idea to create an action plan that will maximize your potential for success. Whatever your new business plan is, adding an educational portion will certainly help.
When you undertstand where the market is, you will be in a prime position to start selling exactly what is in  demand. The report in Aqua Magazine is a very helpful resource in this sense. 

For example, knowing that "covers and chemicals" are a great way to get you through slow times is important, but understanding that the competition for these items is the fiercest in the idustry will help you plan to maximize their potential. 

In comparison, billiards and gazebos are not as popular of a retail item, so if you have them, you know that you hold a strong position in that category.

This is where education comes into play. If you have a lot of competition in the covers and chemicals zone, you can tip the scales in your favor simply by offering answers.Chlorine is not a very "sexy" pool product, but its a big seller and EVERYONE sells it. When a customer walks through your doors and starts looking a chlorine, if left to their own devices they may look at the price tag, whip out their smart phone and start price comparing right there. However, if you have a customer service agent, flyer or other helpful resource immediately available to them, their focus will change from price only to benefit. Give your customer a reason to pick up the product, and they will be more likely to bring it to your counter.

Education can also be used to sell new products to current customers. Again, if you can entice a consumer to pick up a product and look at it, you are much, much closer to selling it. I read somewhere that there is an actual psychological attachment that happens as soon as you hold a product; your mind claims ownership at that point whether you know it or not. Putting it back down will actually feel like a loss. (I have no idea if this is really and truly a fact, but based on my buying history, it sure sounds right!)

Having posters or other signage pointing out new products - highlighting their immediate benefits - will not only create interest in the product, but it will help to educate your consumers about a solution to a problem they may or may not know they have. If you provide solutions- real solutions, not manipulations! - you will improve your relationship with your customer, and you will have a better chance at achieving long-term loyalty.

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