Spring Pool Heating Options
by Monique Nelson on May 10th, 2012

In May, one of the most common questions posed to professionals within the pool industry is related to pool heating. Swimming is newly in demand, but getting the pool water up to temperature can be quite a feat.

Luckily, Pool & Spa News strategically timed their "Marketplace of Heaters" product focus to run in their May 11th issue.

The first 3 options were Heat Pumps. The following 2 were solar, and there was another solar related product just a few down. Of the remaining 5 options, 3 of the heaters immediately called attention to their eco-friendly, energy efficient ways, and the other two were for commercial applications. Do you get the feeling that energy (costs & conservation) is on everyone's mind?

Pool owners want to swim in warm water, but they are hesitant to put out the big bucks for a heater that will cost them a fortune in the long run. I'm wondering if up-front costs aren't taking a back seat to lifetime costs?
Perhaps pool industry consumers are finally looking forward, instead of living in the minute. That can be hard to do, but with your help, pool owners everywhere can be reducing their overall operating costs by focusing on quality, efficient equipment.

Pair that with a liquid pool cover that will reduce energy AND water consumption and you have a winner! Pair every heater, heat pump and / or solar system you sell this year with a Heatsavr Kit, and your customers will happily experience a lifetime of swimming pool bliss at reduced heating costs!

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