An Ode to Service Companies
by Monique Nelson on May 17th, 2012

Everywhere I turn lately, someone somewhere is complementing Service Companies in the USA. Trade magazines, Distributors, manufacturers, industry reports - they are all noting how well Service Companies have weathered the economic storm of recent years.

I thought I would take a moment to throw in my congratulations as well!
1) Disversifying.
In good time, many service companies were just that - service companies. They maintained the pools on their routes, and filled their schedules easily with the many pool owners who were uninterested in maintaining their own pools.

In hard times, service companies were quick to expand their "To Do" lists- and were very successful for it! By adding services like repair work and landscaping to their company profiles, they were able to compensate for the economic downturn. Even through more people were suddenly willing do their weekly maintenance themselves, rather than pay a professional, there were others who were still in need of help. You just needed to know how to find them.

What can we all learn from this? Whenever you notice a down turn in one need, you can be confident that there will be another need to replace it. You just have to be open-minded and creative enough to figure out how to detect and serve this need.

For example, even as the economy starts to pick up again, pool owners are trying very hard to find ways to reduce their costs so that they can enjoy their pools with a decreased cost. Heating a swimming pool is one of the most expensive responsibilities for a pool owner. If you are finding less people are buying heaters because they don't want to pay the constant monthly bills, you can fill that gap with alternative products. If you could find a product that would plug the hole in your sales, and help your customers enjoy their pools without a heater, you will have a winning formula. (Perhaps a HeatsavrTM Kit is just what you were looking for!)

This turned out to be a longer point that I originally expected, so I am going to continue it in Part 2: Add Ons & Up Sells

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