Who is Stepping Into Swim at Your Facility?
by Monique Nelson on October 30th, 2012

You may or may not have heard of the "Step Into Swim" campaign that is currently sweeping the Pool & Spa Industry. If you have, that is fantastic news. If you have not, you may be interested in this short video:
There are so many reason that people are NOT swimming - and those reasons literally make me sad. Accessibility, fear, embarrassment, bad experiences - all factors holding your community back from swimming.  

And there are so many reasons that people SHOULD BE swimming - and they are reasons that have the power to change lives. Health, safety, interactivity, fun - all great reasons to jump into the nearest swimming pool.  

How are you taking part in the campaign? How do you think the campaign can benefit your facility? As someone who is near obsessed with marketing, I know that one way you can make a difference is to create programs that tackle the reasons your community is NOT swimming, and showcase all the positive effects swimming can have on a person.  

If you need to find a way to add a few dollars to your budget in order to get this new marketing angle in action, try using Heatsavr to reduce your heating and water costs by up to 40%. That should allow you a bit of room to introduce some new ideas, and welcome a  new generation of health conscious, water-wise and pro-active swimmers!

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