How do Liquid Pool Covers Work
by Monique Nelson on May 16th, 2013

Flexible Solutions has been manufacturing liquid solar pool covers under the brand names of Heatsavr and Ecosavr for 20+ years now, and consumers are becoming more and more aware of the benefits they offer. BUT...many people still wonder just exactly how liquid pool covers work. This post will discuss the finer points of covering a swimming pool with a liquid, and hopefully resolve many of the questions you may have thought of yourself. 
backyard swimming pool covered using ecosavr the liquid solar pool cover
Did you know that 70% of heat loss is due to water evaporation? It's true! As water evaporates from your pool - which happens 24/7 - it takes a significant portion of your hard earned heat with it. You may want to check out this infographic to get a visual impression of what happens, as well as to learn the other, more minor, ways your pool loses heat: Keep Your Pool Warmer [Infographic]
outdoor pool experiencing a lot of evaporation
A liquid solar cover's main job is to reduce the rate of evaporation from the surface of your swimming pool. This will help to keep the heat in the body of water, rather than allowing it all to be evaporated into thin air.

While it reduces evaporation, it will also be helping to conserve water.
So, reducing the rate of evaporation is WHAT a liquid pool cover does, but you are probably still wondering HOW, right?

Well, when you pour Heatsavr into a swimming pool, or when the Ecosavr fish releases the liquid cover into your pool, it rises to the surface because the product is lighter than water. Once it hits the surface, it starts to spread itself out across the surface. The molecules that make up the liquid pool cover product like to sit side-by-side, rather than piled on top of each other, so they will situate themselves accordingly. They will keep moving sideways to sit next to their fellow molecule until there is nowhere left to move to - when they find the outer edges of your swimming pool. 

The great thing about these molecules is that they are so tiny - remember high school science, when you try to see microscopic molecules under a mircoscope? - so very tiny that a small amount of liquid pool cover will put enough of the molecules in your pool that they can all sit side-by-side, close enough to cover the entire surface of your pool without you even being able to see them with your naked eye.

The video below does a good job of showing what this process would look like, if you could see them:
So now you know how liquid pool cover works! If you would like to read more about the benefits to using Heatsavr or Ecosavr in your backyard pool or commercial aquatics facility, you can read more here: Efficiency Results

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Lynn Hethcock - May 16th, 2017 at 6:54 PM
My biggest question is this. "Why are solar blankets still even being used." I could take your product here in
Florida and sell a freakin' train load of this stuff.

So let me get this straight. You pour in the amount needed according to your pool size, sit back and allow the molecules to align themselves to form a pool side to pool side cover. What if someone goes swimming at night? Do you put in more, or will that amount suffice throughout the evening. Spending $3.50 / wk sounds pretty good. Do you ever consider outside sates, or hiring a senior to help their fellow friends with pools save money? You can not blame a guy for asking. Let me know. I will be sending in an order to try this stuff out. Can I use this product in a fiberglass pool that has been recently re-gel coated to a nice beautiful white.
Monique - May 24th, 2017 at 2:01 PM
Thanks for the great comment Lynn!

I'll try to answer your remaining questions :-)

If someone goes swimming while the product is in use, the liquid cover will simply move with the water, away from the swimmer, and then re-spread itself as the water stabilises again. There is no need to put any more in!

You certainly can use the product in a fiberglass pool!

We sell our products though a system of Distibution across the entire world already, but thanks for reaching out and asking!
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