How Extreme Weather Might Change the Way You Do Business
by Monique Nelson on July 10th, 2013

Extreme weather. Its kind of like Extreme Sports, only the potential devastation grows from one person - the athlete - to an unlimited number of victims. Have you thought about how the change in weather patterns over the past few years is affecting, and will continue to affect, your business?

If you were to Google "extreme weather 2012" you will find mention to such phenomena as
  • major flooding and landslides
  • major wildfires
  • worst cold snap
  • warmest winter
  • devastating drought
  • torrential rains
  • warmest 12 month period
  • typhoons (SUPER typhoons, even)
  • hurricanes
  • sea ice at record low
  • multi-state dust storms
You could even find an article stating that 50% of US Counties are named as disaster areas. 
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But that was last year, right? Ancient History. 
Well, so far this year, according to a slideshow that enthralled me for much too long today, 2013 has already seen destructive tornados, surprise snowstorms, record breaking heat waves, tropical storms, hailstorms, thunder and lightning storms, flash floods, landslides and horrifying wild fires, among other things. 

What does this have to do with your business? Probably a lot more than any of us can currently anticipate. Of course, being in the pool industry, all of our livelihoods are affected by the sunshine, or lack thereof. 

The hotter is it, the more people want to immerse themselves in water. However, according to a July 2nd US Drought Monitor Update, it also means that 44.1% of the contiguous US is experiencing moderate to exceptional drought conditions. 

People want - many would say need - their swimming pools, but they are running out of water to fill them with!

Unexpected and unpredictable weather conditions are also playing with the lengths of the typical pool season. For all we know, folks on the Jersey Shore will still be lounging in their backyard pools come November. 
Ecosavr conserves water
If you play your cards right, this could be a great opportunity for your business. Help your customers understand how to be prepared for the extreme weather; offering water conservation products, season extension packages, and, of course new pool packages are just a few ideas. Educational seminars may also be a great added feature that you can offer. How to protect your pool in extreme winds. How to re-balance your pool water after heavy rains. How to stay safe during a lighting storm. How to...

Everyone knows extreme weather is happening. By refusing to hide from this fact, you can find a way to protect your customers while still growing your business.

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