Gutter Skimmers and Pool Circulation Systems
by Monique Nelson on April 8th, 2016

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​It has recently been brought to my attention that many commercial aquatics facilities may be hesitate to try Heatsavr, the liquid pool cover, at their center because they are worried that the circulation and filtration requirements will render the product ineffective.

I am happy to tell you this is certainly not the case! I will go a bit further and help you understand how your circulation system will interact with Heatsavr.

The dosage rates of Heatsavr are set based on the assumption that circulation systems are going to be running continuously throughout the day, as in Commercial settings this is typically regulated by the government. As such, every commercial pool that uses Heatsavr will have to be following similar standards, and there are MANY around the world that do so and are very happy to experience great results with our product.
I will try to explain in a better detail.

The molecular size of Heatsavr is 0.08 microns. The best filtration systems on the market typically can only filter down to about 2 microns in size, so Heatsavr will flow through any filter media quickly and easily.

When the Heatsavr is added to the pool water, it will rise to the surface of the water and start spreading out immediately. As it reaches the edge of the pool and starts to be introduced into the circulation system, a cycle will begin. The Heatsavr will be passing through the circulation system at more or less the same rate as the water is being re-introduced into the pool, creating a continuous flow, yet maintaining coverage. The dosage rate is designed to support this cycle.

Even if your aquatics center has a continuous gutter systems, the product will still work fantastically. We simply recommend a slightly increased dosage. In a standard skimmer situation the water is being cycled from certain points in the pool, though with a circumference skimmer it is being skimmed from all angles. This may make a slight difference in the initial coverage, so we recommend adding an additional 25% to compensate.

Continuous gutter systems are very common in commercial pools and we have many customers with this type of set up who see fantastic results from Heatsavr.

If your facility has any other unique features that have you concerned, please feel free to email me with any questions you would like addressed. Alternatively, I have written a great guide (if I do say so myself) titled "Solving Commercial Pool Problems" that may help as well.

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