Moisture in the Air - Fight Humidity Levels in Indoor Pool Areas
by Monique Nelson on April 15th, 2016

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​Indoor aquatics centers faces one very big, very prominent concern: humidity. Lovely warm swimming pool water loves to evaporate into thin air, leaving it heavy with moisture and the walls and surrounding areas weeping with condensation. 

If you have a dehumidification system, it increases your energy bill. If you don't, you get complaints about air quality and moisture problems. A plastic pool blanket might help with the problem, but a covered pool doesn't allow for many swimmers. 

Here is how one indoor aquatics center fought their humidity problems:
Prism Aquatic Center after foggy steamy weepy windows without using a pool blanket
I am the Service Manager of Bluewater Pools Chatham Ontario for the past 35 yrs. I saw the Heatsavr at the Vegas Pool Show and was very interested so I conducted my own test on an indoor pool to see its effectiveness.

I was amazed the Heatsavr HS140 kit was easy to install very good instructions and great results in 2 days. That's right great results in 2 days, and in 4 days and in 2 weeks later.

My test customer was Chatham's Prism Centre for physically challenged youth on their therapy pool which is 20ft. x 50ft. indoor and they have always had a bad humidity problem. As you can see by my pictures you can't see out the windows and the door would sweat puddles. 
Prism Aquatic Center after clear windows  Heatsavr liquid pool cover
With the Heatsavr auto-matic system the windows are clear and you can see outside also no puddles at the door.
This test was conducted (installed) Jan 14 2009, checked on Jan 16, and the first 1 lt. bottle was changed Jan 28.
The Director of the Prism Centre is more than satisfied, he feels confident that if we contain the moisture and stop evaporation's he will save on heat, chemicals and water. Plus the atmosphere for his clients is better and it will be better for the building. The Director plans to purchase the same unit HS140 for his own pool in his backyard.
~ Andy T
Bluewater Pools, Chatham ON 
For more dramtic visual images, visit this Before & After Gallery:

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