Opening Season Has Arrived!
by Monique Nelson on April 18th, 2016

O is for Opening Season - A to Z Blogging Challenge
​For swimming pool owners and those in the pool industry, the days and weeks leading up to the May long weekend are usually very busy. Everywhere you turn there is a swimming pool that needs to be opened, cleaned, freshened and warmed up.

At this time of year, it is always wise to be prepared for a variety of unforeseen circumstances. There are many surprises that can await you under a winter cover. There are also many pool owners who seem to only remember to book opening appointment two or three days before they have scheduled a huge pool party - whoops!
Pool closed image
​There are a few ways that you can approach the spring opening season to give you a better than average chance of smooth operation. If you own a pool and have never opened it yourself, you probably have no idea how much work or supplies are going to be required. It may be a good idea to talk to your local pool professional for help. Opening services include, but are not limited to: pulling off the winter cover, deck and equipment maintenance, plumbing, refilling, cleaning, and rebalancing the pool water.

One important part of the pool opening process that is sometimes overlooked is the heating process. If you bring in the professionals to get your pool up to spec for the season, you probably have a beautiful vision of a newly cleaned pool, calling for you to come take a dip at the earliest opportunity.

Unfortunately, if you've ever executed a swan dive into an unheated swimming pool in May, you likely know that your lips will be blue by the time you surface.
That is why you may want to consider trying out a liquid pool cover. By adding a liquid pool cover like Heatsavr or Ecosavr to your pool as soon as you open it, you will immediately start to retain heat and build water temperature up.

A study by the Professional Pool Operators of America compared the usage of Heatsavr to a plastic pool cover. They discovered that, in a pool that was losing 12 degrees overnight, a traditional pool blanket would bring that loss all the way down to 4 degrees. In comparison,  Heatsavr was able to reduce the heat loss by half, with the pool only dropping 6 degrees overnight.

That is a very close comparison in savings, especially when you consider the fact that there is no daily hassle of covering and uncovering your pool, fighting with reels or trying to cover a uniquely shaped pool.

Heatsavr and Ecosavr do all the work of covering a swimming pool – all you have to do is add the liquid, and the savings start immediately.

Liquid pool covers will also conserve up to 50% of water loss a pool experiences, and any pools that use heaters will quickly notice a significant reduction in energy costs. Savings all around.

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