Quality Control: Should Pool Owners do their Own Dirty Work?
by Monique Nelson on April 20th, 2016

Quality Control - A to Z Blogging Challenge
​If a pool owner chooses to work with a service company on a regular basis, you can bet they don't have the time, desire or wherewithal to take care of their own pool in its entirety.

From this, you can probably assume that, the most successful service providers will have recommendations that lead to a more convenient way for pool owners to enjoy their swimming pools. So what types of products and services should pool owners and service companies keep on their radar?
Cleaning a Swimming Pool
​The truth of the matter is that, no matter how full service a service professional may be, there are some tasks that a pool owner simply must do for themselves.

Let's use our imagination a bit here:

Tom and Suzy are loving the luxurious lifestyle of being a pool owner (with the fantastic help of a local service company!), but they have recently noticed that their night-time dip is getting a bit too chilly for comfort. They need a solution that will bring back their quality alone time.

Either a quick Google search or call to their service professional outlines the process of heat loss for them - the air is colder than the water, so the warm water evaporates into the air, which cools your pool water down to its current night-time chill. A solution might be to use a pool cover. Great idea!

But a service company is not going to  go over to their house every night to put the pool cover on, and then every morning to take it back off. I don't know many service companies that are on call to that extent. The teenage boy entrepreneur down the street probably isn't even up for that time consuming challenge. 

It certainly doesn't sound all that convenient to Tom and Suzy either.
Heatsavr Kit HS115 Automatic Pool Cover
So what do they do? Use a liquid pool cover of course. It is a very CONVENIENT alternative. Tom & Suzy don't need to do any heavy lifting, and they don't need to hire a professional to do it for them either!

For a very reasonable price, the service company can install an Automatic Metering System that will add a liquid pool cover to their water on a daily basis. This liquid pool cover will help reduce overnight heat loss by about 50% and, as an added bonus, it will also cut back on their water consumption

Convenience is KING, I am telling you!

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