Vapor Retardants and Water Conservation
by Monique Nelson on April 26th, 2016

Vapor Retardants - A to Z Blogging Challenge
​Everyone knows that liquid pool covers save heat in pools by lowering the rate of evaporation, right? Well, some people know that (now you certainly do!).

What often goes unrecognised, however, is that if there is less evaporation when you use a liquid pool cover like Ecosavr or Heatsavr, than you are without a doubt going to be losing less water. According to a study conducted in AZ, you are actually going to be losing about 50% less water!

With the current state of drought in California, and the recent years of drought throughout the country, many areas are actually mandating the use of a vapor retarding cover for all swimming pools as a measure to conserve precious water.
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The Salt River Project (SRP), which is the water authority in Phoenix, AZ came across the idea of liquid solar pool covers a few years ago, and decided to conduct a trial to see if they could see the same results as we claim to achieve with our product line.

In Arizona, you may or may not realize, it gets smokin' hot in the summer. Enough that the entire contents of a pool will evaporate each year. 15,000 gallons of water, on average, will literally evaporate into thin air. Water is growing scarce (not to mention expensive) and should not be wasted! So, needless to say,  when the SRP was introduced to the idea of saving some swimming pool water, they loved the idea and conducted a study.

Here's what they have to say: Liquid pool covers “form a safe, extremely thin layer of molecules on the surface of the water that reduces evaporation by 30 to 50%.”

You can read the study here, if you would like: SRP Water Study

So, if you live in a part of the world where your swimming pool gets smokin' hot, you may not care about the heat retention abilities of Heatsavr, but you can still realize some serious benefits by way of saving water.

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