Comparison: Liquid Solar Pool Covers vs. Plastic Pool Blankets
by Monique Nelson on May 4th, 2016

​All pool owners know that keeping a pool warm can sometimes be quite the feat.

Pool covers are one way to keep the heat in the pool, instead of evaporating into thin air—literally!

Remember when your mother always used to tell you to “close the door, we aren't paying to heat the outside!” Well, a good pool cover is a swimming pools equivalent to that door.

Most people are familiar with plastic or bubble blankets for pools. These can either be automatic or manual and they work by applying a layer of plastic to your pool that will insulate it.

About 75-80% of all the heat lost from your pool water is through evaporation, so by keeping this in your pool you keep it warmer for a longer period of time, which is exactly what using a pool blanket will accomplish.

A good plastic pool blanket can typically protect against about 75% of this evaporative heat loss.

Now that liquid pool covers are all the rage, people are continuously asking what is the comparison value between a plastic blanket and a liquid blanket.

In comparison to a plastic blanket, liquid pool covers are typically about 75% as effective. 75% is apparently a good number. Easy to remember!

However, some things that you need to keep in mind include:
  • your pool is inaccessible when covered with a plastic blanket,
  • whereas you will be able to swim while a liquid cover is continuing to protect
  • your pool your bubble blanket will only work when it is covering the pool,
  • while a liquid cover will work for you 24/7
  • you will have to remove and apply your plastic cover whenever you want to use your pool and after you have finished,
  • though a liquid cover is an automatic application you only have to think about on average once a month

Studies have shown that Ecosavr / Heatsavr can retain about 50% of overnight heat loss, which is going to be your largest point of evaporation. This will provide you with a higher starting temperature each morning, allowing your pool to get warmer each day. You should see a gradual heat gain after about 2-3 days of using the product.

During the day you are still losing heat through evaporation so our product will help retain that heat as well.

The Professional Pool Operators of America actually did a study comparing the overnight heat loss statistics when using a plastic blanket, a liquid solar pool cover, and no cover at all. You will find the results absolutely stimulating, I am certain.

So now you know. 75% of heat from your pool is lost through evaporation, plastic pool blankets can save about 75% of them when they are covering your pool, and liquid pool covers are about 75% as effective as plastic pool blankets 100% of the time.

Good luck and have fun swimming!

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