The 20-Foot Pole Pool Dilemma
by Danielle Hardgrave on June 21st, 2016

outdoor pool
​Summer is officially here. This is the season I spend all year waiting for. The days are long, the nights are warm, and my dad's pool is open for business. This year I'm helping him find a new telescopic pole and vacuum head, and let me tell you—it is not going well. So far it seems like getting anything reasonably priced means taking a nose dive in quality. Any option I bring up with him is either too cheap or not cheap enough.
And in the end, what will be the outcome of this exhausting search? A long stick and a piece to go on the end of it that will likely only work slightly better than the one he currently has.

​I wish all pool supply shopping was as easy as shopping for a liquid pool cover. Sure, there are tons of brands to choose from—but there's only one that's definitively the best. 
heatsavr liquid pool cover
Only Heatsavr has been tried and tested time and time again and consistently provided exemplary results. Our website is loaded with testimonials and trial results, which is more than can be said for the other liquid pool covers on the market.

​And you won't have to pay a ton extra for all this quality. As always, Heatsavr is an affordable option for covering your pool that will actually save you money. Quality, affordability, and savings? With that on the Heatsavr's menu, you won't find me touching any of the other brands with a twenty-foot pole. Which, by the way, is nearly an impossible thing to find.

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