The Sound of Running Water and Saving/Spending Money
by Danielle Hardgrave on July 12th, 2016

swimming pool water feature fountain water loss
​It's a well known fact that memories often have a close association with our sense of smell. A pumpkin pie brings images of turkey and football. Wood smoke drifting in on the breeze could be a campfire by the beach, or the burning effigy of a rival sports team at a pep rally.
I believe that sounds, while perhaps not as potent, are just as capable of reminding people of things. And a particularly powerful sound is the splashing of water. Generally this can conjure up one of two moods: relaxation or anxiety over waste.
heatsavr liquid pool cover heat loss
​Of course it's relaxing to hear a babbling brook, or the tide beating the shore. But when you're hearing a lot of splashing from your pool, it can mean another thing entirely. More water movement generally means more waste. Even your water feature, which in its design is meant to sound relaxing, probably also stresses you out sometimes. Why? Because aerating the water leads to more evaporation.
Perhaps you can't combat all the forces that are at work relieving your pool of water, but there's an extraordinarily easy way to prevent up to 50% of its evaporation—cover it with a liquid pool cover.
Heatsavr, our patented liquid solar cover product, will help you cut down on your pool's water loss without any fuss. Just pour a little Heatsavr in your pool, or get our automated pump, and it starts working right away. Meanwhile, your water feature can continue to run, and people can continue splashing around. Heatsavr will continuously reform, helping to put your mind at ease.

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