Save Money At Your Facility Like It Was an Olympic Sport
by Danielle Hardgrave on August 16th, 2016

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​You've probably heard, by now, about the problems the Olympic organizers in Rio have had keeping their pools from turning green. While the mystery has now been solved (a hydrogen peroxide dump that neutralized the chlorine) there are still ripples being felt from Rio. One of the pools has had to be drained—a lengthy ten hour process—and the incident has only added to a list of embarrassing host city shortcomings.

Though it was disconcerting watching our athletes jump into the green abyss, the algae bloom wasn't dangerous. I bet that didn't stop you from trying to solve the mystery of the pigmented pool. You may have even had a few customers tap into your wisdom. So—did you solve it before the organizers?
closed pool
​While it's unlikely that you would have guessed hydrogen peroxide, you probably figured something was off with their pool's chemistry. And I bet you work pretty hard to prevent anything similar from happening to your pool. Your swimmers may not be Olympic athletes, but you keep the pool up to snuff for them as if they were.

That being said, adding anything new to your pool is scary. If your pool turned green, you wouldn't get social media backlash to the extent that the Rio organizers did—but there would be a response. And it wouldn't be good. So why take any chances?

There's a common misconception that adding Heatsavr, our patented liquid solar cover, to your pool can affect your pool's chemistry. That's simply not true. While it will be busy keeping the heat in your pool, and lowering your pool's heating bill by up to 40%, Heatsavr won't so much as exchange greetings with any of the chemical agents in the water. That's a whole lot of benefit for no awkward green side effects.

You might not be at the Olympics this year, but you can still save money like a champion!

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