Being in Control and Saving Money at Your Aquatic Center
by Danielle Hardgrave on October 4th, 2016

pool closed for cleaning
​Being in control is the best. Even if you're not a control freak, I'm sure you can agree that it's nice to have a handle on things. Being able to turn up the thermostat on a chilly day is nice. Substituting an ingredient you do want for an ingredient you don't want in a recipe, or out at a restaurant, is nice. Getting to choose the colour of your new car is nice.

You know what isn't nice? The things you can't control. Topping my list is the passing of time, but there are plenty of other things I wish I had a say in: the weather, traffic, the early morning roadwork outside my apartment... The list goes on.
Heatsavr liquid pool cover
​What's on your list? Think about the things you wished you could control better at your facility. Is evaporation one of them? Evaporation is the scientific process that's zapping up more of your water and energy than perhaps you realize. Up to 70% of your pool's heat is lost through evaporation, and every degree lost must be made up by your pool's heater to keep the water at a temperate, swimmable level.

But what can you do, right? It's evaporation. It's nature. Except—hang on a minute—there is something you can do! By using a liquid pool cover, you can stop up to 50% of your pool's evaporative water loss. That translates into saving up to 40% of your pool heating costs, and I doubt that's a small bit of change.

You might think that circumventing such an established ecological process would take more effort than it's worth, but it doesn't. Not in this case. Heatsavr can be added manually to your pool with ease, or can be hooked up to an automatic metering system.

Being in control is nice. Being in control and saving money? That's awesome. 

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