Peak Performance: Humans vs. Swimming Pools
by Danielle Hardgrave on October 25th, 2016

swimming pool and swimmer
​​I'm always interested by the health habits of athletes. What do they eat before a race or a game? What kinds of recovery exercise do they do? How many hours of sleep do they get on a night?

Unlike what you might be thinking, this fascination has less to do with stalking and more to do trying to understand how the world's fittest people prime themselves for maximum efficiency. That isn't to say I'm going to start getting up at five a.m. to run five miles before work just because a world champion soccer player does. That sounds like a nightmare. All the same, though, it's an interesting nightmare. The culmination of all those healthy habits—however extreme they may be—is a human being at the peak of their ability. That's fascinating.

Operating at maximum efficiency is a challenge for everyone and everything. It never comes without sacrifice. For a person, it means hard work and restraint. For a machine, it means frequent maintenance and expert engineering.

What does a swimming pool need to achieve maximum efficiency?
Heatsavr liquid pool cover and pump
​The answer to this question is most likely: what doesn't one need? You undoubtedly do all you can and a little bit more to keep your energy costs down, your water use low, and your swimmers happy. But what if there was one more thing you could use to prime your pool for its performance peak?

Using a liquid pool cover in your pool will help you achieve your performance goals. By inhibiting evaporation, Heatsavr prevents up to 35% of heat loss and 50% of water loss. That means it will be cheaper to heat your pool, but also that there will be less humidity in the air and thus better air quality.

How's that for ramping up your efficiency? And you won't have to make a big sacrifice. Not only is the application method easy as pie, but you'll actually end up saving money. That's much easier to swallow than a five a.m. run. If only they made Heatsavr for people. 

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