Products: Ecosavr™ & Heatsavr™



Automatic Metering System

Ecosavr™ is an easy to use, cost effective solution to a pool cover for use on residential home swimming pools.

This cute and colorful plastic fish is filled with enough of the Heatsavr™ liquid to cover an average backyard pool for approximately one month.

A simple application, just snip the fin and toss it in!

Heatsavr™ can be used on any pool, regardless of size, shape or location. It will work equally as well on a home swimming pool as it will on a large commercial aquatics facility with high traffic.

Heatsavr™ is available in a variety of volumes, ranging from 35 oz bottles with built in dispensing chambers for easy dosage, to 700 ounce pails.

Use with the recommended HS115 Automatic Metering System for a "Set 'n Forget" solution!

The HS115 Automatic Metering System is designed for the easy application of Heatsavr™.

Pool professionals can install this small unit in less than an hour, and it will be programmed to correctly dose any pool with Heatsavr™ on a daily basis.

This is a "Set 'n Forget" solution that works wonders for any swimming pool, from a large Olympic sized commercial pool, to a small in-ground backyard pool.

It only runs for a few seconds a day, so it is another great energy saving solution!
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